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This Nylon thread is the thread of choice for beadworking and beadweaving. Slightly waxed and lightly twisted if you do not stretch an arms length of this thread with a bit of a tug as you unwind the thread from the spool or bobbin, you finished work may eventually "ease" creating a relaxed feel to the piece. Remember this is a nylon product so you can easily "burn" a blob (Knot) in the end of your work with a lighter and a quick puff of air to blow it out.



Silamide is a two-ply twisted nylon thread which many beadworkers use as an alternative to Nymo. Ideal for brick stitch or peyote stitch.


A new, flat, fibrous cord, which doesn't require crimps, and has unbelievable strength. Save valuable stringing time by directly stringing temorary strands of beads onto Opelon. Simply tie Opelon to the temporary strand and slide beads downward. Instantly create bracelets, necklaces, fringe and more. Knots remain virtually invisible.


Monofilament thread is soft, yet strong. The blue line monofilament is recommended by author Marla Gassner in her book "Beyond the Bead and I"

Gudebrod Silk

This smooth, twisted three ply 100% pure silk thread has the most luxurious feel and softest sheen of any natural fiber. Extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear. Durable enough to withstand the abrasion of pearls, glass beads and gemstones. NOTICE!!!!! Gudebrod has gone out of business. We will continue to stock this brand until we can not get it. As we have to we will be shifting to another brand of silk. (Currently Jewelry Silk from Bead Smith) We will continue with the Gudebrod headings for a time, and let you know which brand you can expect by item

Pearl Cotton

Pearl Cotton

Used with bead knitting or crochet. We stock Size 8 pearl cotton which is ideal for knitting with 0000 knitting needles and size 8 seed beads, or a small crochet hook such as an 8, 9, or 10.

C-Lon« Beading Thread & Cord

C-Lon« Beading Thread & Cord

C-Lon« Beading Thread is an American made nylon beading thread that was designed to reduce the fraying, snarling, tangling and breaking complaints regarding both Nymo and Silamide. The thread is vat -dyed so the color is permanent and should not rub or wear off.


Waxed Linen

Perfect for dreamcatchers and mandalas, for macrame, and bead stringing. Very strong, waxed enough to be manageable but not sticky.

Illusion Cord

A .010 diameter, nylon, monofilament cord, with unbelievable strength. Soft, yet durable, the Illusion Cord Monofilament is nearly invisible. Excellent for the "Tin Cup" and "Illusion Look Necklaces."


This super strong, flexible, pre-waxed, braided bead thread incorporates new age technology. Beadworkers and beadstringers will find that this new product feels and works better than the finest bead thread yet is as strong as jewelry wire. Most beads will not cut this product. It knots easily and does not stretch.

Fire Line

A new, gel spun polyetholine, fused into a super fiber. This pre-waxed, braided cord has an unbelievably high tensile strength. Known as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created, it's been recommended in numerous how-to articles on beadworking. Pre-waxed.

Stretch Magic

The world's best selling stretch jewelry cord...strong, durable, non-fraying and with great elaticity and resiliency...making jewelry easy to wear and remove. The one cord for so many applications. Stretch Magic's "toughness" allows for excellent crimping strength. Made in the USA




SoNo Beading thread was designed by Master Beader Sonoko Nozue, this nylon thread is strong enough that doubling isn't necessary and it is difficult to pierce because it does not shred. Tangling is also minimized because it is non-clinging. It will fit on a #12 beading needle and works like a cross between Nymo and Silamide. SoNo is sold by the 100 meter spool.

Miyuki Bead Crochet Thread

Miyuki Bead Crochet Thread

This is the best thread for bead crochet due to a special resin treatment which ensures that your thread will not come undone. Miyuki Bead Crochet Thread is 100% polyester and is sold in 25 meter (about 27 yard) spools.


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