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Beaded Favors: Designs for Needlecases and Treasure Bags
Beaded Favors: Designs for Needlecases and Treasure Bags
Softcover, 49-page. 5.5"x 8.5." Her second needle case book. Includes instructions on Tubular Peyote, Tops and Bottoms, and Starting new thread. Information on Birthflowers & Birthstones, and Herbs and Spices. Patterns include: Beaded Bonsai, Home and Garden, Crop Officer, Peyote Gulch, Seaman's Beacon, Purple Elegance, Daruma, Santa Fe, Shamen, Take Us to Your Beader, Dressing Up and Down, Star of David, Menorah, Forever in Bloom, Friend in Bloom, Spotted Ruminant, Zebra Crossing, Lemon Blossoms, The Tooth Train, MacPlaid, Passing Through Provence, Men in Red, Christmas Spirit, and Which Came First?

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Price: $16.95

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