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All New Micro Macrame (It's not 1970 anymore!)
All New Micro Macrame (It's not 1970 anymore!)
Saddle Stitched 31- pages. In Addition to General instructions and some specific stitch instructions (Square knot, Twisted knot, Double Half hitch, "v" Shaped double half hitch, Overhand knot) this work contains a c-Lon color chart and the following eight projects: (1) Twisted Bracelet, (2) Flower Bracelet, (3) Tantrum Cascade Necklace, (4) Focal Pendant Necklace, (5) Art Fiber Necklace #1, (6) Great Wall Necklace, (7) Butterfly necklace, and (8) coming and Goings Necklace. And just so you know, Pristine's stocks all the c-lon colors, just give a call.

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