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All New Micro Macrame 2nd (It's back with a vengeance!)
All New Micro Macrame 2nd (It's back with a vengeance!)
Saddle Stitched 31- pages. In Addition to General instructions and some specific stitch instructions (square knot, twisted knot, Larks head and double half hitch, "v" shaped double half hitch, Overhand Knot) this work contains the following eight projects: (1) Snowflake Necklace, (2) Walk a Crooked Walk Necklace, (3) Heart Above Your Heart Necklace, (4) Leafy Garden Necklace, (5) Double Donut Necklace, (6) April Flower Bracelet, (7) Snowflake Ornament, and (8) Freeform Macrame Necklace.

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